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Facial Emotion Recognition in Insomnia: Mechanisms and Consequences

Yunxiang Tang*

Faculty of Psychology, Naval Medical University, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China


Insomnia is a sleep disorder that is closely related with various physiological and psychological problems. Facial
emotion recognition (FER) is an important part of social function, and has been found impaired in individuals with
insomnia. This paper aims to explore the mechanisms of the correlation between insomnia and FER impairment,
and the possible consequences of impaired FER for people with insomnia. Impaired expression expressivity and
amygdala dysfunction are proposed as potential mechanisms underlying the link between insomnia and impaired FER. FER
impairment in insomnia patients might lead to overlooking danger and lower levels of vigilance and arousal, which could
result in disastrous outcomes. Moreover, impaired FER could lead to social function disturbance, making insomnia
patients vulnerable to bullying.

Insomnia, facial emotion recognition, amygdala, bullying, mechanisms
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